Basket Hymn

Basket Hymn By Yulu Ewis The following is a video poem created by Yulu Ewis (Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria)....
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In Our Languages: Luiseño

Téelamal Chamkwíinamu Pokwáan Words, which are little prayers, for our life-giving roots. Shelbi Nahwilet Meissner   (nohúu’univuktum pí’ nopilá’chivuktum ‘atáaxum Chamtéela pomkwáan) (for my Luiseño language teachers and students) Pilá’chiqan notéelapiy chamtéelangax. Chamkwíinamu, súspul téelamal nopiláchiqat ‘áaq téelat kihúut ‘omkwáan. I am learning to speak in our l...
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California Tribal College Names Dr. Billie Jo Kipp College President

California Tribal College Names  Dr. Billie Jo Kipp College President  Will Lead Development of Campus, Curricula, and Programs (Brooks, CA) September 18, 2017 – The Board of Regents has appointed Dr. Billie Jo Kipp to take over as President of the California Tribal College (CTC). Dr. Kipp was selected following a year-long nationwide search. In her new role, Dr. Kipp will lead the College in establishing a campus, e...
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Fly with the Dragonflies

FLY WITH THE DRAGONFLIES AT ANNUAL DRAGONFLY GALA Release from Pat Murkland, Dorothy Ramon Learning Center   The annual Dragonfly Gala will celebrate Southern California’s Native American cultures on Aug. 12 with delicious foods, traditional music, displays, and arts.   The community event draws several hundred people from all walks of life each year to Morongo Community Center, 13000 Malki Rd., Morongo Res...
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Water and Oil

Water and Oil By Michelle L. LaPena   The Great Central Valley of California used to be a floodplain. It was a marshy wetland before non-Indian settlement began, full of insects and game. Major villages of Native people lived along the banks of what are now the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. The Sacramento River in the north, gathering from its Feather and the American River tributaries, flows southward thro...
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