Tribes celebrate the California v. Cabazon decision

Tribes celebrate the California v. Cabazon decision By Terria Smith The year 1987 was historical and monumental for California tribes, as well for tribes across the nation. It was from that year on that sovereignty prevailed and many tribes were able to become fully economically self-sufficient with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians in the California v. Cabazon case. In the...
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Mni Wiconi

Mni Wiconi By Emily Clarke (Cahuilla Band of Indians), Creative Writing student at Idyllwild Arts Academy   My dad and I begin our journey from my Grandmother’s house in Onia, Arkansas. I am on Thanksgiving break during my junior year of high school and have been trying to make this trip happen for months. Silence from lack of sleep fills the car on the way to the airport. If we do talk, it consists of simple pr...
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National Advisory Council on Indian Education-2016

National Advisory Council on Indian Education-2016 Submitted by the California Indian Culture & Sovereignty Center   President Barack Obama appointed Joely Proudfit and Dahkota Franklin Kicking Bear Brown to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education in early 2016. Proudfit (Luiseño decendant) is a professor at California State University San Marcos and Dahkota Franklin Kicking Bear Brown, Wilton Miwo...
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Poem: We’re Native

We’re Native By Michael Murphy   Ya, we’re native  Coming from the slums of the cities and the dirts of the reservation  We’re the true First Nation  Products of the creator’s creation Knowing that education is the path to self determination  We’re Fighting for the next generation  To create our own salvation  By changing our own litigation  To save us from our own damnation  Ya we&...
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In Our Languages: Chukchansi

Xon’ hew may’ Submitted by: Shonna Alexander   Xon’ hew may’. We live here. Mayin hi’ xo’, holoomun. This is our home, always Gooyeg am’! Protect it! Deyliwshag hol’gi’in. Watch over the Earth. An’ malwinga’ min xo’o. Don’t forget about your home. Wodiyga’ hol’gi’in. Dance for the Earth. Hatimga’ hol’gi’in. Sing for the Earth. Yayinga mayin hol’gi’in. Save our Earth.  ...
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