Education Summit at CIC

Education Summit at CIC By Gregg Castro Those active in the California Indigenous community are aware of one of our most pressing needs: to educate the public about the true history of our state. This is especially true for raising awareness of the “aliveness” of our many thriving communities. This became very apparent during the saddening-maddening time following the announcement by the Catholic Church that they wou...
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Acorns in Italy: Strengthening Our Traditional Foods Thousands of Miles Away

Acorns in Italy: Strengthening Our Traditional Foods Thousands of Miles Away. By Vincent Medina There is a powerful movement sweeping across Indian Country to reconnect with our traditional foods. Our traditional foods across North America, varied and diverse, were often actively suppressed as colonizers came into our land and tried to change every aspect of our lives and identities. This came in many forms, and in m...
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Water is Bigger than Tribal Politics

 Water is Bigger than Tribal Politics by Samuel White Swan-Perkins   Water is life. It’s a phrase we are hearing a lot these days across Turtle Island. As in other parts of Indian Country, politicians and developers in California are doing whatever they can to earn money through exploiting our water systems and aquifers. No stranger to water rights issues, the Winnemem Wintu of Northern California are fighting t...
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Southern California Communities Rally for Standing Rock

Southern California communities rally for Standing Rock Written by Terria Smith Tribal people from across Southern California are showing their support for the Standing Rock Sioux Nation’s movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline in a series of demonstrations that have taken place across the region. As has been internationally publicized, the community members of Standing Rock along with thousands of tribal member...
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Acorn Tortillas

Acorn Tortillas Recipe by Vince Medina I think it is safe to assume that across Indian Country there is widespread love for Indian tacos, and California is no exception. We love the taste of Indian tacos, aware that these delicious and beloved taco recipes came out of basic commodity foods imposed on us by the American government and out of that Indian communities created something delicious. Many of us love the feel...
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