In Our Languages

In Our Languages: Luiseño

Téelamal Chamkwíinamu Pokwáan Words, which are little prayers, for our life-giving roots. Shelbi Nahwilet Meissner   (nohúu’univuktum pí’ nopilá’chivuktum ‘atáaxum Chamtéela pomkwáan) (for my Luiseño language teachers and students) Pilá’chiqan notéelapiy chamtéelangax. Chamkwíinamu, súspul téelamal nopiláchiqat ‘áaq téelat kihúut ‘omkwáan. I am learning to speak in our l...
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In Our Languages: Nisenan

In Our Languages: Nisenan By Alan Wallace   ’ejowwisi woontiwisi woole myje habys. han honpetaajwisi. han honsynowisi hedem k’awi ni. Wanting to get mad and kill, I might become like them.  And go crazy.  And I will forget this place.   k’awi ‘uk’ojis. solni pajjom hontak’ojis. ‘esak’ni kodojampenaan, kaantee ‘isim. nisnaanik pe’a mi ‘esak’ac’e, nisek pe’am wenne my ‘esak’leleetim. Better to travel the land...
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In Our Languages: Chukchansi

Xon’ hew may’ Submitted by: Shonna Alexander   Xon’ hew may’. We live here. Mayin hi’ xo’, holoomun. This is our home, always Gooyeg am’! Protect it! Deyliwshag hol’gi’in. Watch over the Earth. An’ malwinga’ min xo’o. Don’t forget about your home. Wodiyga’ hol’gi’in. Dance for the Earth. Hatimga’ hol’gi’in. Sing for the Earth. Yayinga mayin hol’gi’in. Save our Earth.  ...
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In Our Languages – Karuk

In Our Languages – Karuk This Karuk language piece was created by Lyn Risling (Karuk/Yurok/Hupa) Pa pi’eep ithivthaneen aachip kuma araaras, mateek xara nik mukun’araráhih nuchuupeesh The long ago Center of the World people, may it be a long time their language we will speak...
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In Our Languages – Serrano

In Our Languages – Serrano Hair-Grabbing Dance   ‘Im ‘uviht Maarrênga’yam ‘ip kiikam herheermim kwenemu’ hakup wuuwerham chikt perner’wi’ ‘ip wecerham qac. Long ago there used to be nothing but Serrano shamans here.   Chikt kwenemu’ perner’wi’ herheermim ‘ip qace’. There were nothing but shamans here.   Aam kwana ‘uviht heermca’cu’ pa’pa’yu’ mit hayp, peenyu tervaf hayp ‘ip. They would dance thei...
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