In Our Languages

In Our Languages – Rumsen Ohlone

In Our Languages: Rumsen Ohlone by Louis Trevino   ka meṣ ‘iwsen. – I desire you. ka meṣ muyšin. – I love you. ka meṣ polšonin. – I am crazy with love for you. ka meṣ lomyonin. – I have become completely, crazily in love with you. ka mačnan. – I have lost myself, become oblivious to the world, because of my love for you. šinšoma ka meṣ wittesim. – So I have lassoed you; you are mine....
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IN OUR LANGUAGES – sʰamala Chumash

IN OUR LANGUAGES – sʰamala Chumash By Maria Solares Submitted by Nakia Zavalla ma mištoyo moq swil i kwekʼi samkuti sukʼ i yɨxsɨʼn a noswil. kwekʼi swil i sʰaqicwil,
 na swil a ʼiʼlepeš, swey, šuwax, pa yilaʼ a noswil a yɨxsɨʼn. 
ma speypeʼy kwekʼi swil a mištoyo,
 pa yilaʼ cyɨwyɨʼw a speʼy.
 ma speʼy a yɨxsɨʼn i kwekʼi šteqpʼey
 na mištoyo ma speypeʼy awil a mištoyo, ma speypeʼy a yɨxsɨʼn. 
moqʼe smay a mištoy...
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In Our Languages – Stephanie Lumsden

Na:tini-xw wint’e-ding Hoopa Valley (Where the trails return) the forever place by Stephanie Lumsden (Hupa) Na:tini-xw ch’idun’-ding Hoopa Valley, the first place Ky’a:da:ne:-xosin Acorn gathering is happening Ta’na:n-na:niwe:sile’n Trinity River, as a power one should pray to Ts’ehdiyah to:-wingkyah I am happy the water has risen, gotten bigger Ya’k’itł’oy They a...
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In Our Languages. Voices on Missions.

California Indian voices on what Missions represent ‘akkwet horše k-hinnan, kiš sohyen k-hinnan ‘aa ‘e hemme mákkin — My heart is sad on me, oh but we are alive still. Chochenyo Ohlone Vincent Medina   pachu attap waS aa mishshix rumsen rottey. inn kuwee makk emmen. — Now it is good to be Rumsen again. But we will not forget. Rumsen Ohlone Louis Trevino   May’ hedda’ hoyu...
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In Our Languages — Michelle Harris

  Wee’a – Blessing   ‘Ow, ‘unnuni michcha – Oh, Great One Ma molis ‘opu suk hii – We are grateful for this day Muk’am kennetto – All together Waya maako towis wuski – Give us good hearts Hunaa maako towis hinak suk weyyatto – So that we do good in this world Sutammi maakooni – Be with us. ‘Ow Michelle I. Harris is a member of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria tri...
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