In Our Languages

In Our Languages — Michelle Harris

  Wee’a – Blessing   ‘Ow, ‘unnuni michcha – Oh, Great One Ma molis ‘opu suk hii – We are grateful for this day Muk’am kennetto – All together Waya maako towis wuski – Give us good hearts Hunaa maako towis hinak suk weyyatto – So that we do good in this world Sutammi maakooni – Be with us. ‘Ow Michelle I. Harris is a member of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria tri...
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Who Speaks Wukchumni?

Throughout the United States, many Native American languages are struggling to survive. According to Unesco, more than 130 of these languages are currently at risk, with 74 languages considered “critically endangered.” These languages preserve priceless cultural heritage, and some hold unexpected value — nuances in these languages convey unparalleled knowledge of the natural world. Many of these at-risk languages are...
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In Our Languages — Kelina Lobo

Kelina Lobo has been teaching her Acjachemem language off and on for many years since getting her degree in linguists and is working on an online learning site. She has written several rock and pop songs in Acjachemem that she’s looking to produce with a band. When she talks about what she loves sharing with her language, she always comes back to the gorgeous sounds of hearing it spoken.   KULAAWUT written...
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In Our Languages — Cody Pata

Following Coca Cola’s Super Bowl advertisement with “America the Beautiful” sung in a multitude of languages, a social media backlash spread very quickly under the hashtag “#SpeakAmerican.” Cody Pata translated and sung “America the Beautiful” in his Nomlaki language. His video, both poignant and beautiful, raises the question of what languages are truly indigenous to North A...
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