WIC Education Programs on California Rancherias and Indian Communities, PART TWO: Doing It Ourselves

WIC Education Programs on California Rancherias and Indian Communities A Three Part Series By Samuel L. White Swan-Perkins Part Two: Doing it Ourselves As is evidenced in the first article in this series, California Native Americans have been proven to be motivated to fight the epidemic of Diabetes that is so prevalent in Indian Country. The devastation that was wreaked upon the California Natives during the Gold Rus...
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Acorn Brownies, Say What?!

Acorn Brownies, Say What?! By Vince Medina   Like many California Indians, I get that craving every so often for acorn, yuukiš we call it in Chochenyo Ohlone. The craving, once it sets in, doesn’t relent until I taste the acorn on my tongue. I think of my ancestors, and all the love and admiration they had for this little protein-packed nut. I think about how the acorn gave us life, how we have a word just...
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An excerpt from Kathleen Rose Smith’s new book published by Heyday, titled “Enough For All.”YOU’LL NEVER GO HUNGRY “Our mother taught us that we would never starve, our food, the food that God gave us, is all around. Her teaching included going to the hills and valleys where these foods grow, foods that have sustained us both physically and spiritually since the beginning of time.”...
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Black to Clearlake Oaks – Twice As Good (2XG)

In our Fall 2007 issue, we profiled Paul and Rich Steward, the music duo known as Twice As Good. Here is the official music video of the song “Back To Clearlake Oaks,” the title track of their last album, winner of the Blues Album of the Year at the 2013 Indian Summer Music Awards. The song talks about going back to their hometown to enjoy the simple life; music, fishing, and food, mainly fried catfish. H...
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A Kashaya Voyage to Russia

Come hear Kashaya travelers tell their stories of journeying to Russia in 2012 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Fort Ross, and to enjoy traditional Kashaya dancing and foods. 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Free. For information email: lindsie@heydaybooks.com...
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