To Destroy in Whole or in Part: A presentation by Jack Norton

To Destroy in Whole or in Part A presentation by Jack Norton   It can be said the some of the earliest work of collecting historical information and publishing evidence of the genocide that was committed against California’s Native Peoples was done by Professor Emeritus Jack Norton in this book Genocide in Northwestern California: When Our Worlds Cried. He has spent a great deal of his career educating the...
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In Our Languages – Karuk

In Our Languages – Karuk This Karuk language piece was created by Lyn Risling (Karuk/Yurok/Hupa) Pa pi’eep ithivthaneen aachip kuma araaras, mateek xara nik mukun’araráhih nuchuupeesh The long ago Center of the World people, may it be a long time their language we will speak...
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Southern California Communities Rally for Standing Rock

Southern California communities rally for Standing Rock Written by Terria Smith Tribal people from across Southern California are showing their support for the Standing Rock Sioux Nation’s movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline in a series of demonstrations that have taken place across the region. As has been internationally publicized, the community members of Standing Rock along with thousands of tribal member...
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In Our Languages – Stephanie Lumsden

Na:tini-xw wint’e-ding Hoopa Valley (Where the trails return) the forever place by Stephanie Lumsden (Hupa) Na:tini-xw ch’idun’-ding Hoopa Valley, the first place Ky’a:da:ne:-xosin Acorn gathering is happening Ta’na:n-na:niwe:sile’n Trinity River, as a power one should pray to Ts’ehdiyah to:-wingkyah I am happy the water has risen, gotten bigger Ya’k’itł’oy They a...
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Hupa Anti-Bullying PSA

Amazing, poignant, beautiful Hupa anti-bullying video. Definitely hard to watch this to the end and still have dry eye....
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