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In Our Languages: Chukchansi

Xon’ hew may’ Submitted by: Shonna Alexander   Xon’ hew may’. We live here. Mayin hi’ xo’, holoomun. This is our home, always Gooyeg am’! Protect it! Deyliwshag hol’gi’in. Watch over the Earth. An’ malwinga’ min xo’o. Don’t forget about your home. Wodiyga’ hol’gi’in. Dance for the Earth. Hatimga’ hol’gi’in. Sing for the Earth. Yayinga mayin hol’gi’in. Save our Earth.  ...
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In Our Languages – Serrano

In Our Languages – Serrano Hair-Grabbing Dance   ‘Im ‘uviht Maarrênga’yam ‘ip kiikam herheermim kwenemu’ hakup wuuwerham chikt perner’wi’ ‘ip wecerham qac. Long ago there used to be nothing but Serrano shamans here.   Chikt kwenemu’ perner’wi’ herheermim ‘ip qace’. There were nothing but shamans here.   Aam kwana ‘uviht heermca’cu’ pa’pa’yu’ mit hayp, peenyu tervaf hayp ‘ip. They would dance thei...
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In Our Languages – Kawaiisu

A story as told by Kawaiisu Elder Lucille Girado-Hicks, February 2015   We used to go over that way to the ranch to pick gooseberries. Tama uusuusa aweenakwenüm ranchiva’an. Chehenüma pohoopita.   In the summer we could find lots of berries. Su’ura tazava’ana müts owot mehenüm poho’apita.   So we went there one afternoon when I was just a girl. Suvois aweena hugariikwenaaka nü’ü neezhagai.   We ar...
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In Our Languages – Rumsen Ohlone

In Our Languages: Rumsen Ohlone by Louis Trevino   ka meṣ ‘iwsen. – I desire you. ka meṣ muyšin. – I love you. ka meṣ polšonin. – I am crazy with love for you. ka meṣ lomyonin. – I have become completely, crazily in love with you. ka mačnan. – I have lost myself, become oblivious to the world, because of my love for you. šinšoma ka meṣ wittesim. – So I have lassoed you; you are mine....
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In Our Languages – Stephanie Lumsden

Na:tini-xw wint’e-ding Hoopa Valley (Where the trails return) the forever place by Stephanie Lumsden (Hupa) Na:tini-xw ch’idun’-ding Hoopa Valley, the first place Ky’a:da:ne:-xosin Acorn gathering is happening Ta’na:n-na:niwe:sile’n Trinity River, as a power one should pray to Ts’ehdiyah to:-wingkyah I am happy the water has risen, gotten bigger Ya’k’itł’oy They a...
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