Water and Oil

Water and Oil By Michelle L. LaPena   The Great Central Valley of California used to be a floodplain. It was a marshy wetland before non-Indian settlement began, full of insects and game. Major villages of Native people lived along the banks of what are now the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. The Sacramento River in the north, gathering from its Feather and the American River tributaries, flows southward thro...
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Water is Bigger than Tribal Politics

 Water is Bigger than Tribal Politics by Samuel White Swan-Perkins   Water is life. It’s a phrase we are hearing a lot these days across Turtle Island. As in other parts of Indian Country, politicians and developers in California are doing whatever they can to earn money through exploiting our water systems and aquifers. No stranger to water rights issues, the Winnemem Wintu of Northern California are fighting t...
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PAYA, The Water Story of the Paiute

On this Earth Day, watch the trailer for PAYA, The Water Story of the Paiute and their fight for water rights in the Owens Valley. As Sage Romero (Paiute) says, the movie is about “sharing the truth about Los Angeles taking our sacred resource and changing our valley and people. Water is sacred, honor and respect it.”...
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