Winnemem Wintu

Water is Bigger than Tribal Politics

 Water is Bigger than Tribal Politics by Samuel White Swan-Perkins   Water is life. It’s a phrase we are hearing a lot these days across Turtle Island. As in other parts of Indian Country, politicians and developers in California are doing whatever they can to earn money through exploiting our water systems and aquifers. No stranger to water rights issues, the Winnemem Wintu of Northern California are fighting t...
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Standing on Sacred Ground Featuring the Winnemem Wintu

STANDING ON SACRED GROUND broadcasts on public television’s FNX First Nations Experience Network and Bay Area’s KCSM for Earth Day in April   Standing on Sacred Ground, the award-winning, four-part documentary series on indigenous struggles over sacred sites, seven years in-the-making, will be broadcast on PBS’s First Nations Experience network (FNX) and San Francisco Bay Area public television station KCSM begi...
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We Are Still Here: The Winnemem Wintu

We Are Still Here: The Winnemem Wintu by Samuel White Swan-Perkins   This is the first of a four part series on the Winnemem Wintu. The goal of the series will be to highlight the myriad issues the Winnemem Wintu are facing in their attempt to retain their sovereignty in their traditional homelands near Shasta and the Shasta Lake area. Michael Preston is the son of the Winnemem Wintu chief, Caleen Sisk.   N...
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“Standing on Sacred Ground” will be on KQED

The rise of the Shasta Dam is currently before Congress, and with critics calling the current drought a result of “misguided environmental policy,” this national public television broadcast (also airing on the World Channel beginning May 17) gives viewers an inside look at the traditional ceremonies of Northern California’s Indigenous Winnemem Wintu tribe and how the rise of the Dam will destroy the...
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