Reflection and gratitude for the past 30 years

Reflection and gratitude for the past 30 years By Terria Smith   Tribal community members and long time friends of News from Native California gathered at the Maidu Museum & Historic Site to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the magazine. The quarterly magazine – published by Heyday and devoted to California’s indigenous peoples –  was founded by Malcolm Margolin, David Peri, and Vera Mae Fredr...
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Water is Bigger than Tribal Politics

 Water is Bigger than Tribal Politics by Samuel White Swan-Perkins   Water is life. It’s a phrase we are hearing a lot these days across Turtle Island. As in other parts of Indian Country, politicians and developers in California are doing whatever they can to earn money through exploiting our water systems and aquifers. No stranger to water rights issues, the Winnemem Wintu of Northern California are fighting t...
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Yocha Dehe: A Success Story in the Seka Hills

Yocha Dehe: A Success Story in the Seka Hills by Samuel White Swan-Perkins 16 December 2015   Yolo County, situated near the Northern end of the Sacramento Valley, is an area rich in agriculture tradition. For nearly 150 years farming, particularly almonds, grapes and olives, have been a boon for the rural areas’ lagging economic status. The Capay Valley provides an excellent terroir for olives and grapes; warm ...
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“Standing on Sacred Ground” will be on KQED

The rise of the Shasta Dam is currently before Congress, and with critics calling the current drought a result of “misguided environmental policy,” this national public television broadcast (also airing on the World Channel beginning May 17) gives viewers an inside look at the traditional ceremonies of Northern California’s Indigenous Winnemem Wintu tribe and how the rise of the Dam will destroy the...
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In Our Languages — Cody Pata

Following Coca Cola’s Super Bowl advertisement with “America the Beautiful” sung in a multitude of languages, a social media backlash spread very quickly under the hashtag “#SpeakAmerican.” Cody Pata translated and sung “America the Beautiful” in his Nomlaki language. His video, both poignant and beautiful, raises the question of what languages are truly indigenous to North A...
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