Store | Volume 30, No. 3 (Spring 2017)

News from Native California

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Articles in this Issue

  • Calendar of Events

  • In Our Languages: Thank You

  • Reflections on the founding of News from Native California

  • Water Is Life: The Flower Dance Ceremony

  • An Artist’s Introduction: River Garza

  • The Dancing Dead: With News from Native California as Our Dance Partner

  • Helping Women Heal: The Annual Tule River Women’s Spiritual Retreat

  • “Quiet Your Heart”: Ernest Siva and the Dragonfly Song

  • Water and Oil

  • Looking Back

  • Experiencing Thirty Years of Cultural Renewal

  • Book Review: Redskins? Sports Mascots, Indian Nations, and White Racism

  • TV Review: Tending the Wild

  • “Working Together, Inspiring Each Other”: The Second Annual Native Arts Expo

  • Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Language Revitalization

  • One Hundred and Ten Years of Schoolhouse Days: Our Landmark at Torres Martinez

  • Paayish Neken, Realized: The Dawn Is Coming

  • California Indians, Archeology, and Trump

  • Interwoven Memories: Thirty Years with News from Native California

  • With Respect: Ronald Phillip Andrade

  • With Respect: Viola E. Risling-Ryerson

  • Big Times/Little Times