Store | Volume 28, No. 2 (Winter 2014-15)

News from Native California

Articles in this Issue

  • Saying Our Share: Surviving the Missions

  • Under Lock and Key

  • Interviews with California Missions

  • A Rez Take on Mission Foods

  • Native Voices on Teaching: California Indian History and the Mission

  • The Blessings and the Genocide: Or, Ten Reasons Why this Issue of News is Necessary

  • Dear Sonora: Writing to a Fourth Grader about Her Project

  • In Our Languages

  • Educating Elementary School Children About California Missions and the Perpetuation of Genocide

  • Journeys

  • The Truth Shall Set Us Free: Tips for Teaching California History to Kids

  • Mission Accomplice (But NOT Accomplished)

  • Missionized California Indian Futures

  • Healing from Historical Trauma: The Journey of the Ahmah Mutsun

  • Yerba Mansa

  • Book Review

  • Calendar of Events

  • Tribal Prayer