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  • amah-mutsun-tribal-band

    Amah Mutsun’s Letter on El Camino Real Becoming a UNESCO Heritage Site

    July 19, 2016The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band’s Chairman, Valentin Lopez, expressed the Tribe’s stance on the El Camino Real becoming a UNESCO Heritage Site.
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  • Ernest Siva and Carolyn Horseman, the nephew and grandniece of Dorothy Ramon, read this story in both Serrano and English during the 2016 Native Voices Poetry Festival. Photo by Carlos Puma for the Dorothy Ramon Learning Center

    In Our Languages – Serrano

    July 18, 2016In Our Languages – Serrano Hair-Grabbing Dance   ‘Im ‘uviht Maarrênga’yam ‘ip kiikam herheermim kwenemu’ hakup wuuwerham chikt perner’wi’ ‘ip wecerham qac. Long ago there used to be nothing but Serrano shamans here.   Chikt kwenemu’ perner’wi’ herheermim ‘ip qace’. There were nothing but shamans here.   Aam kwana ‘uviht heermca’cu’ pa’pa’yu’ mit hayp,...
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  • The Chochenyo Harrington Papers

    Breath of Life 2016: Bringing Story Back Home

    June 22, 2016Breath of Life 2016: Bringing Story Back Home By Vincent Medina Not too long ago, a friend of mine broke a beautiful abalone necklace. The beads were scattered, the pieces fragmented, a pattern barely in place on one end of the string. Instead of buying a new necklace, she decided to put it back...
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    Reflections on NCORE San Francisco

    June 21, 2016On May 31st through June 4th, 2016, the 29th Annual NCORE (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity) Conference was held in San Francisco. The Conference had a large presence of California Indian people working to bring justice to our communities. California Native folks, along with the larger American Indian community, under the name NONCORE, made it clear our voices matter and,...
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    Sentencing in NPS Vandalism Case

    June 20, 2016Sentencing in NPS Vandalism Case By Samuel White Swan-Perkins   A woman who used acrylic paints and markers to create her artwork on several rock formations in several sites across the west in 2014 has been sentenced this week. Casey Nocket of San Diego, CA pleaded guilty to seven counts of misdemeanor destruction of...
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